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Oil Price Fallout  

What a difference a few months makes.  Just six months ago, oil prices were trending above $100 per barrel.  Only a couple of months ago, they were around $80. ...


Short-Term Economic Forecast for Texas

Texas led the way out of the national recession, and has been adding jobs month after month for more than four years.  During the 12 months ended in November, about...


The Short-Term Outlook for the US Economy

Over the past year, the US economy has been generating net new jobs at a rate which has finally led to a meaningful reduction in unemployment, which stood at 5.8%...

Toward a Hunger Solution

Toward a Hunger Solution

Beyond the excruciating experiences of those directly afflicted, hunger is a pocketbook issue that adversely impacts every corner of the US economy and every individual...

Economic Benefits of the Food Bank and Charitable Food Distribution Network

Economic Benefits of the Food Bank and Charitable Food Distribution Network

While it perhaps should not be necessary to suggest solving pressing human and social concerns for pecuniary interests, the evidence is both persuasive and overwhelming. ...


Dr. M. Ray Perryman

President, The Perryman Group

  • Institute Distinguished Professor of Economic Theory and Method, International Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Senior Research Fellow, IC2 Institute of the University of Texas
  • PhD, Economics, Rice University
  • BS, Mathematics, Baylor University

Dr. Perryman is Founder and President of The Perryman Group (TPG), an economic and financial analysis firm headquartered in Waco, Texas. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most influential and innovative economists. His complex modeling systems form a basis for corporate and governmental planning around the globe. His thousands of academic and trade articles and presentations span a wide variety of topics, gaining him international respect and acclaim. He has also authored several books, including Survive & Conquer, an account of the Texas economy during the turbulent 1980s, and The Measurement of Monetary Policy, a treatise on Federal Reserve activity. A popular speaker, he addresses hundreds of audiences throughout the world every year.

Among Dr. Perryman’s numerous awards are (1) the Nation’s Outstanding Young Economist and Social Scientist, (2) the Outstanding Young Person in the World in the Field of Economics and Business, (3) one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the World, and (4) the Outstanding Texas Leader of 1990.

During his nearly 30 years of experience, he has been presented citations for his efforts from both the Congress of the United States and the Texas Legislature. He has been honored by (1) The Democracy Foundation for his role in promoting capitalism in mainland China, (2) the Asia and World Institute for his efforts to encourage international academic exchange, and (3) the Systems Research Foundation for his contributions to the field of economic modeling. He is a Fellow of the International Institute for Advanced Studies and has received the Institute’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Perryman authors The Perryman Economic Forecast, a subscription service detailing projections of state and metro area business activity, and The Perryman Report & Texas Letter, a succinct newsletter providing vital information about various aspects of the Texas economy. Dr. Perryman also writes a weekly syndicated column, The Economist, and hosts a daily syndicated radio commentary on economic affairs, “The Perryman Report.”

In former positions as a research chair-holder, University Professor, and Economist-in Residence at Baylor University and Business Economist-in-Residence at Southern Methodist University, Dr. Perryman pioneered the use of timely and reliable economic information for a spectrum of strategic purposes. His studies have played a role in the creation and retention of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Cited by major media as “a world-class scholar” and “the most quoted man in Texas,” Ray Perryman is an active participant in the state, national, and world economic scenes. He has been a member of dozens of state, federal, and international task forces, served as editor of both academic and trade journals, and led conferences within the fields of economics, statistics, forecasting, modeling, and simulation. A member of several corporate boards and adviser to numerous governmental leaders, Dr. Perryman has been honored by the Texas Legislature for his “tireless efforts in helping to build a better Texas.”

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@PerrymanGroup 31st annual #economicoutlook conference continues next week in Austin with Dr. Perryman speaking Tuesday January 27th.
@PerrymanGroup will provide a more in depth look at the oil and gas industry in an upcoming column.
Even with a decrease in oil exploration, @PerrymanGroup doesn’t foresee a recession as Texas is more diversified now http://t.co/XLvgrVpjGz